Cornerstone Christian Academy - Affordable Quality Christian Education
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We hope you can everything you need.
  is focused on providing high-quality that you can afford- we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
We offer grades K3 to  12th grade. Look around our and if you have any questions, give us a call!
K3- K5
Full Time- 5 days/week
:$3,500/year - $350/month
Book & Activity Fee: $350/year -2 of $175
: $500/year-$50/month

Fee: $75.00 due upon
(Tues & Thurs)  or 3 days/ (Mon/Wed/Fri/)
Book & Fee: $350

1st-12th Grades
:$3250/year- $325/month
Book & Activity Fee: $350/year -2 of $175
Extended Care: -$1500/year $150/month- 2nd child $75 /month

Multiple child discounts  are Available:
2nd - 10% 3rd -20% 4th Child-30%
Ask about our Referral Program-- 1 FREE month
We Give discounts  to...
> Employees
>  &
>  Police OFFICERS

> Fire Fighters & EMT Personnel